Under Wing

You took me under wing,
giving me a little extra love
you knew I’d need.

You always granted us
five more minutes of play
as the adults caught up.

Years of guidance
have stuck like Velcro
in my mind.

Your words
are nestled
in my heart

as fond memories
dance across
my thoughts.

Until we meet again,
for now, I
must say goodbye.

Kim Sealock


Stomach twist,
I feel sick,
head whirls, and
I am taken on a ride.

Colors blur,
everything spins,
“Enjoy the ride.”
the voice echos.

Faking fine
comes natural,
as I am torn
apart inside.

Stomach is
being ripped
to shreds.

Lungs are being
until no
breath escapes.

Dizzy drunk
from spinning
like kids
on a playground.

The ride isn’t over.

“Keep it together.”

“Control must be won.”

Kim Sealock

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