In Terms of SMS

You read in terms of SMS.
You speak in terms of lols and idks.
You interact through an iridescent screen.
That cause you not to sleep at night.
You react in modern-day pictographs.
You swerve as you hear the bings of your popularity.

That will always be false.
Everyone will love you in a moment and hate you in the next.

Never let your fear fuel your passion.
Being different is ok.
It’s ok not to be the same.
We are who we are.
Never question it…just roll with it.

Kim Sealock


Ink? Check.
Paper? Check.
What the hell?

Cartridges jiggled,
unplugged and plugged in again.
Blank pages cover the floor
while it munches on another.

Sitting cross-legged,
Deadline fast approaching.

Give up?
One final attempt,
unplugged, plugged,
jammed paper ripped from the throat.
Cancel print,
readjust paper,
realign cartridges.

Threaten to take it apart,
screwdriver in hand.

Shuuuuuu, shu, shu, shu.
Shu, shu, shu, shu.
Ink stains paper,
with twenty minutes to spare.
Scare tactics work.

Kim Sealock

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