Poems stuck in the branches
of everyday thought
stories stifled by anxiety.

Calling for inspiration
in the dead of night
yet no muse comes.

Torn and crumbled pages
litter the floor.

Exhaustion takes its toll;
the brain won’t cooperate.
It darts between ideas,
like a cat chasing a laser.

Oh, phone.
Oh, YouTube,
it’s research.

Two hours later.

Kitten videos,
still research.
The mind convinces itself.

Crumbled over the desk,
make sure the pen is working.
Splatters form when it doesn’t.

Random thoughts come,
writing them down
because at least it’s something.

is always better
than a blank page.

Kim Sealock

When Ambition Fails

Well, I had great intentions to try to get some creative work up every day, though I ran into a massive block…Writer’s block that is. The sneaky bugger decided to come disguised as a very ambitious endeavor (finally opening up my writing to the public in a sense.) Now I’m stuck thinking I want to get my writing out there, but I also don’t want it to be bad writing.

Anyway that just my little rant for the day. I hope that writer’s block doesn’t find you and you can produce significant works of creative literature.

Good Luck Out There,


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